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Plexiglass (bulkheads) 50x70cm portrait

Windproof plexiglass bulkheads model 4C 50x70cm policarbonate 4mm portrait standing

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Safety barriers. Single elements and modular modules, also custom-made Highly transparent.
The Ministry of Health explains how to win the challenge with Covid-19 by reducing the possibility of contagion with safety barriers. Designed to block the aerial spread of the saliva droplets that carry Covid-19, and not only. It stops also the finer particles when sneezing or when speaking.
The safety barrier is a self-supporting panel. In the module version, it can have a concave or a convex opening that adapts better to the support surfaces and increase its stability. In addition, it is possible to print logos or decorative designs (contained in 50x30 cm). The materials used are Plexiglass and Polycarbonate, in various thicknesses.

Download the .pdf 3.41MB for more details.

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